AGM & Independence Day Dinner

It gives me great pleasure to report on the state of the British Venezuelan Society at this
year’s AGM. The British Venezuelan Society is a non-political, not-for-profit organisation
founded with the aim of providing economic & cultural links between the UK & Venezuela.
Last year saw the forming of the British Venezuelan Society by bringing together the Anglo
Venezuelan Society and the Scottish Venezuelan Society.

So at this AGM, I would like to report on the activities from the first year of the British
Venezuelan Society.

During this year, we have been able to organise & participate in a number of very special
events, namely;
• Bolivar Lecture, Sept 2011, “Simon Bolivar: Man or Superman?” by Robert Harvey
• “Venezuela Viva” organised by the International Red Cross, Oct 2011
• “Esperando al Italiano” produced by Chamos charity, Nov 2011
• Coco Xpress & Hernan Atencio at the BVS Xmas Party, Dec 2011
• Ambassador Nettleton “Venezuela update”, Feb 2012
All of these events were well attended and provided excellent opportunities for the Latin
community across London to come together.

Our membership continues to be strong and I am delighted to report that we have 80
members, including 8 corporate.
• During the year we were able to set up a new BVS website
( & I would like to say a big thank you to Adriana
Lemke for all her hard work designing & maintaining the website and for designing
other impressive marketing materials.

We continue to enjoy patronage support from Diageo & Banco Mercantil, and I am delighted
to share that we have a new third patron, namely the Hult Business School. Hult is a leading
international business school with campuses in London, Boston, San Francisco, Dubai &
Shanghai, and we look forward to working closely together to support their Venezuelan
students & to make connections for their alumni with Venezuela.

The BVS has also been very active in its support of charitable causes, and I am pleased to
report that we were able to donate more than £6,000 to various charities during the year.
In particular we supported Chamos for their theatre event Esperando al Italiano in Nov

2011, the International Red Cross for their event Venezuela Viva in Oct 2011 and we will be
supporting El Sistema Scotland for their concert in June 2012 with Gustavo Dudamel and the
Simon Bolivar Orchestra.

For the future, we will continue to be the UK’s specialist forum for informal discussion on
Venezuelan issues & to organise a variety of events of an economic, social & cultural nature.

We thank you all for supporting the British Venezuelan Society over the last year, and we
look forward to an active society calendar over the coming year.

Kind regards,

Chairman, British Venezuelan Society & Chamber of Commerce

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